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          Promotion Dental Implant

1 Unit of Dental Implant = 39,000 Baht. You save 20,000B per unit.

Price includes:

1 Root Form Dental Implant 

 1 Cover Screw/ Healing Abutment

1 Prefabricated Standard Abutment

1 Porcelain fused to non- precious metal crown

Or get a 49,000 B /Unit: includes

1 Bone Level Dental Implant

1  Prefabricated Standard Abutment

1 Cover Screw/ Healing Abutment

1 Monolithic Zirconia Crown

You save 10,000 B from our listed price.

All Prices are Cash only.

MASTER, VISA card + 6%

Note:  Prices do not include X-RAYS, other treatment ie, periodontal treatment, extraction, bone graft, soft tissue graft, esthetic dental implant technique etc.