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Price List

Price in Thai Baht


Clinical Oral Examinations Baht
Initial oral examination and counseling only (no other treatment) 1000
Periodic oral examination 500
Emergency examination, and suture removal (surgery from another clinic) 200
Diagnostic Cast 800
Radiographs Intraoral (digital file; CDW additional 100 B) 250
Extra-oral film: Panoramic View 1000


Dental Prophylaxis- adult Scaling and Polishing (No Pathology) 1,000 -1,500 Baht
Prophylaxis – adult Scaling and Polishing (No Pathology) + AIR FLOW 1,500-2,500
Prophylaxis – child (under 12 year old) 300 – 600
Topical Fluoride Application (polishing included) – child 200
Topical Fluoride Application (polishing included)- adult 500
Prophylaxis and Topical Fluoride Application – child 400 – 800
Pit &Fissure Sealant per tooth Child (Baby teeth) 400
Pit &Fissure Sealant per tooth Adult (Permanent teeth) 500
Oral hygiene instruction including tooth brush & flossing kit 500
Clinical counseling for the control of dental and oral diseases 1,000


Restorative Baht
Composite filling per surface – adult 800-1,000
Composite filling per surface – primary 500
Onlay tooth color per unit 13,000
Crowns and Bridges
(Price may subject to change without notice due to gold price in the world market)
Temporary THERMOFLEX Crowns 3,000
Porcelain fused to high precious metal 22,000-25,000
Porcelain fused to semi-precious metal 18,000-22,000
Non-Metal Crown & Bridges (Per Unit Crown) Baht
All Ceramic Crown 13,000-15,000
Monolithic Zirconia CADCAM Crown***Best Quality 18,000
Restorative Services for root canal treated tooth Baht
Composite filling per surface – adult 1,000
Prefabricated post and core, in addition to crown 5,000
Filling Restoration with Composite in addition to Post & Core as per surface 1,000-5,000
Esthetic & Veneer Baht
Labial veneer-composite (in-house) per tooth 5,000 – 10,000
Labial veneer-all ceramic (laboratory) per tooth 13,000
Labial veneer-Zirconia-Alumina(laboratory) per tooth 15,000
Removable Partial and Full Dentures Baht
Best Quality Acrylic : Lucitone Denture Base
Temporary Plate first tooth 3,500
Additional tooth price/tooth 800
Additional White clasp /claspTHERMOFLEX 1,500
Additional Gold Mesh Re-enforced 1,000
Flexible Plate first tooth(Soft Plate) 6,500
Additional tooth price/tooth 800
Removable Partial Denture Baht
Cr-Co Skeleton first tooth 12,000
Additional tooth price/tooth 800
Additional Border Mold 1,000
Additional Bite Block + Try in 1,000
Removable Bridge- Chrome-Cobalt 9,000
Removable Bridge- All White Color/Clip on tooth 9,000
Full Denture Baht
Full Denture U/L ( Lucitone Base) 25,000
Full Denture Single Arch ( Lucitone Base) 15,000
Full Denture U/L (Cr-Co Base) 35,000
Full Denture U/L (Cr-Co Base with VITAFLEX) 40,000
Full Denture Single Arch (Cr-Co Base) 18,000

04. Endodontic (Root Canal Treatment)

Anterior tooth                                                                                                                 4,500

Premolar                                                                                                                        8,000

Molar                                                                                                                             12,000


Clinic Bleeching Beyond Accelerator (Equivalent to Laser) Baht
Refreshing Program [ 1 X of 10 min. Beyond ] 5,000
Bright Smile Program [ 2 X of 10 min. Beyond ] 7,500
Supreme Program [3-4 X of 10 min. Bebond] 9,500


Diagnostic Baht
Initial periodontal examination and record 1,000
Consultation for diagnosis and treatment plan 1,000
Post treatment consultation 1,000
Acrylic Night Guard :New Design 8,000
TMJ  Examination, Diagnosis, and Treatment with Occlusal Splints 25,000
Non-Surgical Therapy Baht
Full mouth scaling performed in the presence of gingival inflammation & bleeding 1,500 – 2,500
Periodontal scaling and root planing (Deep Clean) ;Price Per Quadrant 1,000-2,000
Scaling & Root planing + Supragingival  “Lunos” Air flow (Stain Removals); Price Per Quadrant 2,500
Scaling & Root Planing + Subgingival Biofilm Removal with  ” Lunos” Air flow ( Deep Clean with  Lunos Perio Tip); Price per Quadrant 3,500
Periodontal Irrigation with antibiotic 500
Periodontal procedures :follow-up, wound irrigation 200
Dressing change 500
Surgical Therapy Baht
Apicoectomy/ periradicular surgery including flap opening 9,000
Gingivectomy or gingivoplasty per tooth 1,000
Gingival flap procedure, per quadrant( include root planing) 9,000
Crown lengthening procedure first tooth 9,000
Additional tooth 2,000
Osseous surgery per quadrant 9,000
Bone graft per quadrant (grafting materials not included) 9,000
Guided Tissue Regeneration (materials not included) 12,000
Gingival auto-graft per site ( up to 3- 4single roots) 10,000-25,000
Frenulectomy (frenectomy or frenotomy) 5,000
Flap opening surgery per quadrant 9,000
Root amputation per root, additional to Flap opening 5,000
Hemisection per tooth, additional to Flap opening 5,000
*** Price do not include materials: bone graft, membranes, screw tag etc.Operation Room is 2,000 baht for the first 2 hours for all surgery. An additional hour is 1,000 baht per hour.


Simple extraction with suture, single tooth 1,000
Extraction requiring flap opening 5,000 – 9,000
Extraction of soft tissue impacting tooth (no hard tissue cutting) 5,000
Extraction of hard tissue impacting tooth with Burs 9,000
Extraction of hard tissue impacting tooth with Piezosurgery 15,000
Suture, per tooth (without flap opening) 200
Incision and drainage of abscess – Intraoral soft tissue 500


Straumann Roxolid + Standard Ti Abutment + Monolithic Zirconia Crown

Bone Level Axiom( Anthrogyr )2.8 mm Dental Implant + Ti Abutmemt + Monolithic Zirconia Crown




Bone Level Implant +Ti Standard Abutment +Monolithic Zirconia Crown

Bone Level Implant + Custom Abutment + Monolithic Zirconia Crown



*Cash Price, Credit Cards +3%

09. Orthopedic & Orthodontic Treatment

Examination, 2 Extra-oral Xrays, Cephalometric Analysis                                             3,000 Baht

Treatment Planning & Estimate time     1,500 baht

Removable &  Fixed Orthopedic Appliance    –      Please Call

Low Friction Braces “Delta Force” USA – Please call for details.

10. Treatment for Temporomandibular Dysfunction :

Splint Therapies                     15,000 – 50,000 baht

Prolo InjectionTherapy          15,000 baht/ 12 week course

Orthopedic treatment             please call


Payment Accepted : Cash, Visa, Master Card, JCB

International Card shall be charged at the local bank’s currency that the card was issued.