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R. Cox California, USA

My Primary Dental Care Professional is in Bangkok, and I live in California”!

In 2005 I moved to Bangkok for work. I was being treated for a progressive gum disease and

couldn’t consider stopping treatment. My U.S. based dentist looked up members of the American Academy of Periodontology who resided in Thailand and offered 3 names who had the professional qualifications to continue my treatment. After that, it was up to me.
I choose Dr. Aubonrutt from the list based on her US based training and proximity to where I was living in Bangkok. At the first appointment I recognized a professional who had no nonsense approach to treatment, and after a simple consultation and cleaning, I felt she had good technical skills, something greatly appreciated when dealing with the complexities of the mouth and gums.
I became a regular patient for other kinds of dental needs while there, and because of her skill,
I have had a number of more routine dental needs taken care of over time at a fraction of the cost in
the US. Now that I’m living part time in Asia and part time in the US, I wait until I have a planned trip through Bangkok to have “regular checkups” with her. So my regular dentist is still in Thailand.
An American dental professional who I had to see during an extended stay in the US perhaps
offered the best comment during an initial exam. She said “It is always nice to see good work like this”. I passed that along to Dr. Aubonrutt, coming from one colleague to another. I hope I can keep her as my dentist for some time to come.

R. Cox- California and Vietnam, 2011

Sam Brisbane, Australia

“Hi, my name is Sam and I live in Brisbane, Australia.
I had severe gum problems and some of my teeth were failing.
The cost of dental implants in Australia is unrealistic. My friend recommended that I visit Dr. Aubonrutt in Bangkok.
I have found her to be wonderful and she got the job done with minimal pain health wise and pocket wise.”

Anja, Germany

“I had quite a few cavities in my mouth and I would like to have them fixed with the white material which is not only beautiful but also strong enough to last me a long time. I find that Dr. Aubonrutt
Dental Clinic is a very nice and modern dental clinic. Now I love
my teeth more than ever.”