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General Anesthesia

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General Anesthesia is designed for  the patient who is very nervous or patient who
has underlying problem that would prevent him or her to have normal dental procedures.

The procedure can be as long as it needs

  1. Crown and Bridge Preparation
  2. Surgical Removal of Impacted teeth
  3. Multiple Dental Implants Placement
  4. Full Mouth Periodontal Surgeries
  5. Sinus Lift & Bone Augmentation which require extra-oral bone donor site.
  6. Combination of dental treatments

Terms and Conditions

  1. All procedures will be done in the affiliated hospital under supervision of the anestheologist and dentist team.
  2. We require that the patient have his or her physical examination and necessary lab tests for GA: Chest X-rays, blood test, EKG etc.
  3. The patient must be admitted in the hospital for at least 6 hrs in the recovery room.
  4. The patient must not have any food nor drinks 6 hours prior to treatment.
  5. (No Per Oral after midnight)
  6. Local anesthetic is also used.
  7. We require notification and confirmation 1-2 weeks in advance.