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Teeth Whitening

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There are actually two types of teeth whitening . One method is home bleaching which consists of a pair of your dental trays and the bleaching gel. This type of whitening is time consuming and yields only one or two shades of whitening effect. The other is clinical bleaching which will be done under supervision of a dentist utilizing an accelerator to achieve the maximum of 8-14 shades of whitening effect without causing any permanent damages to the teeth.

A little tip is to have your teeth scaled and polished before your whitening to eliminate the external food or smoking stains.

Beyond Cool Light Accelerator Latest technology designed specifically for teeth whitening. FDA and CE Approval

Whitening Menu

  1. Refreshing Program
  2. Designed for persons who have had whitening before and would like to refresh the color
  3. of their teeth.1 set of whitening gel placement, 15 min.Result of whitening up to 2-3 Shades
  4. Bright Smile Program
  5. 2 sets of whitening gel placement, 20 min.Result of whitening up to 4-5 Shades
  6. Supreme Program
  7. -4 sets of whitening gel placement, 30 min.Result of whitening up to 8-14 Shades