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The Night Guard

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Do you have trouble sleeping at night because you partner grinds teeth?

The best solution is ”Night Guard”. It is a passive appliance to be worn in the upper or lower arch.

It is made of acrylic in the class of the denture base material. Since the night guard has less surface hardness, it will be worn down instead of your teeth and prevent your teeth or your dental implant from damage due to overloading.

After all, it will save you a lot of money capping those worn down teeth not to mention “root canal treatment” in the process.

My son wears a silicone mouth guard when he plays hockey. Can I use those as night guard?That can be a temporary solution only. Since the silicone or rubber teeth-guard tricks the muscle to clench even more.

A true night guard must not promote clenching, but serves as a resting plane for the teeth in the most comfortable joint-position. Therefore, the spasm in the muscle can be relieved.

Anti – Snoring Device