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Metal Fused to Porcelain Crown & Bridge *

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1) Precious crown (82% Gold alloy or Yellow Gold) recommended for anterior teeth especially the esthetic zone since it yields natural color of the tooth and very good margin adaptation.

2) Semi-precious crown (52% Gold alloy or White Gold) recommended for all teeth since it yields good margin adaptation which mean that the crown can be used for quite a long period of time.

3) Palladium crown (Palladium alloy with 2% Gold) recommended for posterior teeth only. The corrosions of the alloy can cause black margins and the color of the crown can be dull.

4) Non-precious crown (Non-precious alloy) It is not recommended in our clinic since the alloy has a problem of marginal shrinkage during casting procedure.  This problem causes the margin of the crown to be either over-hanged or short margin.  The consequences of such problem lead to periodontal diseases, secondary caries and finally tooth loss.

*All types of crown & bridge in this category required at least two visits which is one – two weeks apart depending on the number of the unit crown ordered.

” This picture illustates a semiprecious metal fused to porcelain crown and a full semiprecious metal crown.”