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Loosened and Broken Screws

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” I just had a cookie and a cup of coffee this morning and I felt that my dental implant is moving!”When this problem occurs, stop using the implant immediately and call your dentist. Most likely,

the abutment screw is loosened and thus cause the mobility of the crown. The solution to this are either to get the srew tightening thru the existing crown and repair the crown by a filling or to get a new crown.What if the abutment screw is broken?

This situation will immediately follow if you do not stop using the the implant which has been moving.

The abutment screw will be broken and stuck inside the dental implant. If this mishap occurs consult yourdentist. Some dentist will probably say that” we ‘ve to take out the dental implant”.

Dr. Aubonrutt has developed a technic which is proven to be able to take off the broken abutment-screw without taking the dental implant off your mouth in just 15 minutes! The result is that you can have your new crown restored again without trouble.

This film shows a broken-abutment srew in a dental implant.


The pictures show the broken screw was already back-up.
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